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The Benefits of Having Two (or More) Therapists

by Saundra Bishop, BCBA on 05/17/17


The Benefits of Having Two (or More) Therapists


Some parents may often wonder why their child has at least two therapists.  We find giving children the chance to learn from multiple therapists more beneficial than one therapist because it allows the child to generalize new skills with multiple people instead of uniquely associating their behavioral/interpersonal responses to a single individual.  Each therapist engages the child with their own unique styles and personalities and utilizes different tools to address difficult situations and praise accomplishments.


In addition, we find it important for the child to have at least two therapists because we want them to feel comfortable and not have to worry about working with a completely new person should one of the therapist be out sick or on vacation.


Kari Elliott



Autism Awareness vs Autism Acceptance

by Saundra Bishop, BCBA on 04/25/17

Autism Awareness vs 
Autism Acceptance
Autism awareness is knowing and understanding the characteristics and behavior associated with an individual diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder.  Autistic people may;
  1. not understand what you say
  2. appear deaf
  3. be unable to speak or speak with difficulty
  4. engage in repetitive behaviors
  5. act upset for no apparent reason
  6. appear anxious or nervous
  7. dart away from you unexpectedly 
  8. engage in self-stimulating behaviors (i.e. hand flapping or rocking)
Too often, awareness focuses on the deficits autistic people have when measured against the "normal" yardstick.  

  1.  ACCEPT those who are different.
  2. APPRECIATE their uniqueness.
  3. People with Autism have to work hard to navigate in the neuro-typical world. That is why it is so important for others to be willing to ACCOMMODATE them.
  4. ADVOCATE if you see unkindness or discrimination then speak up and fight it.
Awareness is a one-time thing. Moving from awareness to acceptance is a process and takes action, patience and a listening ear. 


Benefits of Parents/Guardians Participating in Therapy Sessions

by Saundra Bishop, BCBA on 04/25/17

Benefits of Parents/Guardians Participating in Therapy Sessions

Therapy sessions are at the client's home so that children can practice their skills and behaviors in their everyday settings. Home-based services provide an environment that is readily identifiable with the child which greatly limits the sudden and unexpected changes new environments can create. This allows the child to begin developing the necessary repertoire of skills, behavior, focus and attention within an environment that is familiar. As children become more effective at achieving their goals, it can be easier for parents and children to apply their achievements in new environments. Ultimately, our goal is to have the children display their new skills and behaviors within different settings and with different people. In order to do this, children need to practice their behaviors with people other than the therapists; specifically, parents/guardians. 

By incorporating parents/guardians into each session, children can practice behaviors and skills along-side their loved ones to promote skill mastery and following directions and parents/guardians can learn ways to guide their children through different events that may occur throughout their daily lives. Parents become more effective in responding to their children's behavior and children are able to practice behaviors and skills much more often.

Helen Keller said, "Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much."  Parent/guardian involvement with a child's activities will increase a child's skills especially when they are practiced daily within social settings. This model will foster more creative scenarios that will improve a child's progress, and creativity during sessions is always more fun. 

Tien Nguyen