What makes working for B.A.S.I.C.S. great?

  1. Paid time off for full time and part time staff

  2. Competitive pay rate

  3. Medical, dental and vision insurance available for all full-time employees

  4. Paid training including RBT coursework - we also pay for RBT exam and application

  5. Free BCBA supervision and mentoring for any therapy staff who want to advance in the field of ABA

  6. Free bank account

  7. Retirement program (SEP IRA account) for all staff after 3 years of service

  8. WMATA SmartBenefits - save money (tax dollars) every payroll with this transit reimbursement program!

  9. Working Advantage - Paychex Employee Discount and Reward Program, Employee Assistance Program (free counseling) for all staff

  10. AFLAC (optional supplemental insurance program) discounted rates available

  11. Paid travel time and split shifts

  12. Office and lounging space open and available to all staff during working hours

  13. Team building activities and outings to build staff relationships in a remote environment

  14. Work culture that is family friendly (ie: employee children, including breastfeeding babies, welcome at all meetings)

  15. Diverse company that respects cultural differences

  16. Opportunity to make a difference in the lives of kiddos and adults with Autism using ABA therapy



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AFtercare Program Opportunities

  • Please visit the Beyond the BASICS website here to inquire about aftercare program career opportunities.