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B.A.S.I.C.S. ABA Therapy, LLC is designed around the core belief that ABA is an overall philosophy and outlook on behavior. We believe that people engage in behaviors in order to have a need met. It is our job to determine what that need is and either continue to reinforce the behavior or teach the client an effective way to have that need met. We believe that positive interventions are almost always effective in changing behavior.​​

Who We Serve:

Ages: 18 months to 21 years old

Diagnosis: Autism. Co-morbid: ADHD, SPD, Deaf or Hard of Hearing, and kids with a history of trauma. We will see children without a diagnosis that are suspected of having Autism

Skill Sets: We serve children will a variety of strengths and needs

Core Beliefs

We presume competence

Self advocacy skills are imperative for successful adults

Students should be allowed to say no, ask for breaks, and decline touch

Parents and other therapists are our partners

Data is very important. It is graphed daily and parents have access

Natural Environment Teaching is usually the best way to learn

It is important to listen to Autistic voices

We align our programming as much as possible with best practices in the field

Interested in services?

Email inquiries to:

 We provide services to children and adults with Autism using Applied Behavior Analysis and other evidence-based practices in the Washington, DC Metro area with a focus on self advocacy and presuming competence.

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